Arlo Infant Baby Carrier – Black


The Arlo Infant Carrier makes no compromises when it comes to safety, comfort, versatility, and style. Featuring a compact rearward facing depth, the Arlo Infant Carrier is the perfect choice for small cars (or long-legged parents!).

Installation Options

When it comes to installation, everyone loves options as much as anyone. The Arlo is available in two different options, both with and without ISOFix. The Arlo Infant Carrier features a pop-out recline foot, which helps achieve the optimal level of recline and an integrated the anti-rebound bar into the carrier handle, to make things easier.

Aircraft approved & ready

The Arlo Infant Carrier features a special belt path to use with aircraft seatbelts, making it aircraft approved & ready at purchase. Making travel convenient whether in the car, at the park, or in the air!

Stroller compatible

The Arlo Infant Carrier has been designed from the ground up to work in tandem with the Arlo Stroller in order to offer the ultimate in traveling convenience (when used in conjunction with compatible adaptors).

Extras bases where needed

Have a second car? Additional bases for the Arlo (in both ISOFix and Non-ISOFix) are available separately for your convenience to switch from one car to the other without the hassle!

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